Your child will learn various things in Madrasah, including how to recite the Quran, various Duas and Surats, Fiqh, basic Seerah etc, however as parents and as a community if we want our children to be pious, respectful, obedient and true Muslims then we have to also ensure that our lifestyle at home is compatible with the values, morals and principles of Islam. Thus, simply sending a child to Madrasa does not discharge our duty as parents. It is essential we all see the “bigger picture” and we try our best to work towards this.

Aims and Objectives

• To provide both basic and elementary Islamic education to Muslim
children, irrespective of their race, colour, ethnicity, or geographical

• To enrich Islamic values and beliefs in the hearts of our pupils, in light of
Quran and Sunnah.

• Help children develop self-respect and self-discipline.

• To adopt a professional approach with Madrasah related issues.

• To ensure all pupils are treated fairly and equally.

• Recognise the need to respond to children’s individual needs.

• Constantly strive to raise standards of achievement.

• To promote a centre of excellence from within a secure and Islamic
environment, enriched with values of discipline and respect.

•Provide each of our pupils the best education

•Teach good Islamic morals and essential Islamic life skills

•Give equal value to all children

•Help children develop self-respect and self-discipline

•Encourage children to be enthusiastic learners

•Recognize the need to respond to children’s individual needs

•Constantly strive to raise standards of achievement