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Masjid—E—Saliheen is managed by Preston Muslim Cultural Centre (PMCC), a UK registered Charitable Trust whose accounts are fully audited and available from the UK Charities Commission. Our organisation is dedicated towards promoting the spiritual and moral wellbeing of the Muslim Community and encouraging a wider understanding of the Islamic faith across all sections of the community.

Our Management Team

Mr Arshad R. Dadabhoy
Mr Zulfiqarali Lokhat
Mr Ismail Razakazi
Mr Abdurahman Dala
Mr Shabbir Aswat
Mr Ismail Timol
Mr Farouk Hassanjee
Mr llyas Razakazi
Mr Dawood Omer
Mr Abdulhaq Bangi


For almost 35 years Preston Muslim Cultural Centre (PMCC) based in Lancashire, England has been servingthe local Muslim community of Broadgate and surrounding areas with the sole aim of encouraging Musallah Opens on spiritual development and providing vital religious


Services such as:


5 Daily Salah
Madrasah & Hifz Class
Janazah & Nikkah Services
Lectures, Programmes & Seminars
Youth and Sisters Events


Coming Soon

The past decade has witnessed substantial growth in the size of our community, worshippers attending daily prayers and children enrolled at our madrasah. Our growth has been further accelerated by the expansion of the university campus and the sprawling city centre both of which
are within walking distance.

This growth has had an impact on the services we provide, often resulting in overcrowded and cramped prayer areas and madrasah classrooms. These problems have been further compounded by changes in local fire and building regulations which render our current building ‘non—compliant’ in many of these areas.

A building complex and an adjacent plot of land situated 50 metres from our current location was acquired in 2007 and 2008 respectively for the sum of £595,000. These were funded largely by Qard loans and Lillah donations raised from the local community.

The madrasah welcomed its pupils into the newly refurbished block in September 2009. 

In April 2014 planning permission was granted by Preston City Council to construct a purpose built Masjid on the plot of land adjacent to the
madrasah block.

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The proposed Masjid will accommodate up to 350 worshippers. It will have a provision for ladies and is designed to alleviate current capacity constraints, provide a better spiritual environment and will meet current legislative requirements.



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Spend (in the Cause of Allah) from the provisions that We have given you before death should come to any of you and then he should say, “O my Lord, why did You not reprieve me awhile that I should have given in charity and become of the righteous.” But Allah does not at all reprieve a person when his term comes to an end, and Allah is well aware of what you all do.

Bank Transfer

Bank Name: HSBC
Address: 49a Fishergate Preston
Lancashire PR1 BBQ
Account Name: Preston Muslim Cultural Centre
Account Number: 12282968
Sort Code: 403725
IBAN: GBQSHBUK40372512282968

Charity Name:Preston Muslim Cultural Center

Registration Number:51851412

Date of Registration: March 1987

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